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DUROWOOD was invented after years of seeing standard ply based floors and solid timber floors failing due to reactions to moisture, heat, movement and wearing. DUROWOOD is suitable for any internal commercial or residential flooring application. DUROWOOD has the perfect equilibrium between form and function, and has superior qualities to other timber flooring products in terms of durability, stability, moisture resistance and acoustic protection. DUROWOOD’s dimensions are typically 1800mm or 2100mm long, 190mm wide and 15mm thick. DUROWOOD has been used Australia wide in numerous commercial and high end residential developments.

ELITEWOOD is the premium version of DUROWOOD, coming in 2100mm long boards, 285mm wide and 17mm thick. Perfect for those who like the wider board.

DUROWOOD also comes in parquetry (herringbone and chevron) as well as in an economic grade suitable for the apartment market (162mm wide, 1200mm long and 12mm thick).

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Typically timber floors and in-floor heating do not mix. That applies to solid timber and ply based engineered boards. But HEATWOOD is different. It has a composite stone base, making it a great conductor of heat but also providing the appropriate stability to the floor. HEATWOOD has an excellent HEAT CONDUCTIVITY rating and a very low R value of 1.8. In layman’s terms, HEATWOOD is the most efficient timber flooring product in terms of transfer of heat from substrate through the floor. More importantly, HEATWOOD is designed so that the heat does not destabilise the timber floor, unlike ply based and solid timber floors.

HEATWOOD is 16mm thick, with 14mm of composite stone to ensure the most efficient and effective heat transfer without any destabilisation of the timber floor.

When it comes to putting timber on heat, the answer is typically no. Unless of course, the timber floor has a composite stone substrate. If you are thinking heated floor, then think HEATWOOD.

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