About Elite Timber Systems

Flooring isn’t just about form it’s about function too

Elite Timber Systems specialise in UNIQUE timber flooring, cladding and decking products. Our engineered products have been developed based on years of experience and based on valuable input from builders, designers and architects.

Our exclusive flooring systems (DUROWOOD & HEATWOOD) are chosen for some very distinct reasons:

  • DUROWOOD & HEATWOOD is more stable, more durable, more heat and moisture resistant, with outstanding acoustic properties.
  • The DUROWOOD & HEATWOOD patented adhesive has a built in acoustic and moisture membrane. There is no need to moisture treat the concrete and no need for an acoustic underlay. The acoustics are truly remarkable when the DUROWOOD & HEATWOOD substrate is combined with our special adhesive as a flooring system.
  • DUROWOOD & HEATWOOD is pre-finished and has 11 UV coatings making its durability second to none. Our TABER test rating is 1000+, compared to other boards that are
  • The DUROWOOD & HEATWOOD substrate is a composite stone – not only is it very stable but it deals with moisture transfer better than any ply based engineered timber board, and certainly better than solid timber.
    HEATWOOD has been specifically designed to provide superior heat conductivity, making it extremely efficient in terms of heat transfer with no destabilisation of the timber. Perfect for in floor heating.
  • The individual boards are easily replaced should one get damaged post installation or further down the track
  • The product is usually glued direct to concrete slab so there is limited preparation pre or post the installation of the floor

Our decking and cladding systems are high quality with a range of finishes and suitable for most indoor and outdoor applications. ECODECK and ECOCLAD

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